Using Torguard's VPN? Best not for pr0n, nor in Iran :-/

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Re: Using Torguard's VPN? Best not for pr0n, nor in Iran :-/

Post by catwilder » Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:27 am

To the straight shooters administrating this forum. Please accept my humblest apology for an elementary interjection/inquiry (which may appear as a cloud of smoke) as I am less familiar with some terminology being delivered in an evolving quasi-coded scriptpogram format, slightly akin to an emerging paradox in the geeks' slang dictionary; perhaps found under the term, "techno-prose".

Please regard the following inquiry as nothing more than request for clarification with hopes of gaining a better appreciation of ToS, not some poorly outfitted "fishing expedition" with where the trophy is made available for a show and tale exercise that undermines the spirit of the VPN experience.

Are the ToS, aka, ToC referred to above, the Board's stated Policies which are intended to be self imposed by the endusers and enforced within the purview of their power to act (or not) consistent with the stated ToS as means of optimizing the endusers' rights to privacy, so long as no harm comes to others in the process? Or have I over weighted the moral intent and/or tone here? Thereby, trusting the enduser to bare the full ownership and responsibility for their encrypted internet activity? Also, it sounds as though should the content/context of any unregulated internet activity be navigated through Crypostorm, be called into question by concern authorities, the administrators of Torguard shall terminate further access to those endusers' generating untoward attention?

Should this cipher be a miss, surely the analysis above will be reckoned or disavowed.